Flipboard for iPad

We have been enjoying our iPad since launch day – frankly what better, more convenient way to show artwork / portfolios on the move?

However, we have also been surprised at the relative lack of ‘killer’ apps available. I mean, there isn’t even a dedicated version of Facebook available yet – perhaps they think most people will just visit via the web browser and access the full experience since the raw capability is there?

However, Flipboard might just be one such killer app, particularly for the needs of your typical iPad hipster.

Check out the video, but Flipboard essentially aggregates all of your social networking content feeds into a magazine-style format – by which we don’t just mean status updates and hyperlinks, but the actual end content, dramatically simplifying access and providing a much more media rich and intuitive way of consuming it.

You can find it in the App store now.

Posted via email from Stendhal Syndrome