Andy Warhol self portrait sells for $32.6m at Sothebys. Contemporary Art market resurgent?

This admittedly fantastic and iconic self-portrait by Andy Warhol from 1986 sold tonight for more than twice its high estimate at Sothebys New York, totalling $32.6m including fees.

The 9ft-square piece was owned previously by Gucci designer, Tom Ford.

It’s been a heady week for contemporary art auction sales after a protracted slump, with Rothko’s untitled abstract red canvas selling for $31.4 million at the same auction, as well as strong results for artists such as Basquiat at other high-profile sales over the past week.

All this barely a week since the auction records were broken by Giacometti’s Walking Man sculpture. Let’s hope it’s a sustainable sign of recovery in the market and not just another bubble.

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